Tuesday, 11 October 2011


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Francis Bacon - wikipedia webpage click here


Aubrey Beardsley - Victorian Illustrator and artist click here

Julian Bell - unusual landscapes and use of perspective click here

George Bellows - American boxing painter - click here

Pierre Beteille - very creative digital artist and photographer click here


Joan Bevelaqua - fantasic observational painter click here


Woodson Art Museum - Bird related art click here

Junk Birds 

Birds made out of mobile phones click here

Laura Kimpton click here


Quentin Blake - classic book illustrator click here


Arnold Bocklin - German painter, atmospheric look at Isle of the dead

CGFA -images but no explanations click here

Ten Dreams - images but no explanations click here

website with range of images related to boxing click here


Hieronymus Bosch

website click here


Boyle Family - innovative sculptors and conceptual artists click here


Constantin Brancusi - abstract and figurative sculptor click here


Georges Braque - cubist painter click here


Noel Brennan

sculptor who has worked with students during artsweek click here


British Museum - London Museum click here

Pieter Bruegel

Olga's gallery - great reproductions click here

Webmuseum - good biog click here

French website - lots of paintings and sketches click here

Art Brut website for trauma art, and outsider art click here

Buddist Art

Images of Buddah click here


Claire Rollett illustrator who mixes digital and hand drawn click here

Charles Sheerler - Paintings of interiors & buildings smilar to Georgia O'Keefe & Edward Hopper
online gallery one

online gallery two
Stephen Wiltshire - amazing architectural drawings click here


Edward Burne Jones

Edward Burne Jones - Pre-Raphaelite Painter click here

gallery of his paintings click here


Ken Bushe Landscape painter great skies click here

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