Tuesday, 11 October 2011


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Abandoned Buildings

Dan Dubowitz Photographer of abandoned buildings

 Dan Dubowitz's website click here  

 Direct link to pages from his book on Italian Abandoned Buildings click here
Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal Art Online click here

AP Bond Aboriginal Artists Gallery click here

Songlines Aboriginal Gallery click here

resources for artists and students click here

Norman Ackroyd printer click here

Guiseppe Acrimbaldo

website click here

African Art

Benin click here Sculptures from the Benin Kingdom in what is now Nigeria

contempory African Art Gallery click here

Joel Cooner Gallery click here

African Sculpture - page of links to images click here

African Art on Wikipedia click here

South of the Sahara page of useful links click here

Emily Allchurch - stunning digital artist

her website click here

Britain in pictures BBC webpage with her work click here

Tokyo Story recreations of Japanese prints using photography click here__________

American Roadsides amazing images of giant roadside sculptures click here

Carhenge - stonehenge made out of cars click here

Giant fruit click here

Giant Coffee Pots click here

Muffler Men giant advertising figures click here


John James Audubon bird paintings click here

Ptolemy Elrington

Fish and other creatures made out of found materialss

Sayaka Ganz - Sculptor who works with plastics, scrap materials and reclaimed materials

her website click here

scrap metal animals click here

Also look at Heather Jansch

Heather Jansch - driftwood animals click here

Junk Animals - hubcap animals click here

National Museum of Wildlife Art click here

Leo Sewell - Junk Animals click here

Arabic Art

Islamic Art website click to view

Diane Arbus portrait photographer

gallery of her work click to view wikipedia click to view


Antonio Gaudi buildings in Barcelona click here

Simon Rodia

The Great Buildings Collection click here

Simon Rodia - insane sculpture buildings in LA click here

Simon Rodia website with video click here

Claire Rollett landscapes drawn using ink and digitised click here

Stephan Wiltshire detailed but fluid drawings click here

Art Images for College Teaching click here

ArtLex dictionary of Art Terms click here

ArtMagick obscure 19th century Gothic Artists click here

Art Passions Victorian Illustrators click here

Art Quotes click here

Art Tube exhibition on a tubetrain click here

Asian Art

General website click to view

Mable Lucie Attwell classic book illustrator click here

John James Audubon bird paintings click here

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